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Monday, April 20, 2009

Garcia's Cafe

First off I apologize that I have neglected this blog for quite a while. Between the Easter holidays, friends in from out of town, and the normal every day grind, it has been hard to keep up. However, I have lots of new food information, recipes and restaurant reviews on the way!

Garcia's Cafe Restaurant Review:
Yesterday my boyfriend, his friend and I went to this little Mexican restaurant in Round Rock, Texas for breakfast. It is off the beaten path in downtown Round Rock just off of Main Street.

The atmosphere:
The place doesn't look like much; with it being a old house that has been turned in to the cafe. With that being said, indoor dining is limited and a tight squeeze. There is a nice patio with lots of shade trees however, it was not open when we were there.

The food:
We were there to eat breakfast, and that we did. They had traditional Mexican breakfast foods and then an American breakfast menu. I ordered the breakfast beef fajita plate with beef, eggs, potatoes, and refried beans. The beef was seasoned and cooked perfectly, in fact it left me wanting more. The eggs were cooked to your liking and I requested scrambled in which they also turned out great- not too runny and not over done- just light and fluffy. The beans were average and the potatoes were al dente and could have been cooked a little longer. It all came with warm flour and corn tortillas. The portions were great- very filling but not leaving you with that over stuffed feeling.

The service:
Our food came out quickly and hot; our drinks were always full. All of the staff was super friendly especially our server. I have to admit though that our server is my boyfriend's brother, so I guess I am a little bit partial. The owners are extremely nice and all about family; which comes through in their restaurant.

The price:
Amazing. All breakfast items are less than seven bucks and I would have to say just glancing through their menu that everything else looked extremely reasonable as well. They also had daily specials advertised. Defiantly a steal.

Other random bits:
They only serve breakfast on the weekends and close at three in the afternoon on Sunday. During the weekday they are opened for lunch and dinner; however, don't expect to eat late since they close regularly a 9 pm.

Great food, great service, and extremely great prices; you can't beat that. Highly recommend Garcia's Cafe if you are in Round Rock and if you are staying in Austin it is defiantly worth the quick drive up I-35 to Round Rock. I will be back for more and to try the lunch and dinner menus.

Restaurant Information:

Garcia's Cafe
(512) 671-7733
410 W Main Ave
Round Rock, TX

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