Kitchen Concoctions: Emeril Is A Winner

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Emeril Is A Winner

Over all I was very pleased with this cookbook of the month. Every recipe came out very tasty and with my slight modifications can be made year round and under any cooking conditions (whether you have a grill or not). I liked that Emeril is not afraid to use unique flavor combinations or ingredient combinations; and yet it all works out and is very tasty.

I also liked this book because of the variety of recipes from drinks, to appetizers and side dishes to main entrees and desserts. All are great recipes for just about anytime of the year. They are great for families or large get togethers.

Like I said before the only (and it really is minor) beef I have with this book is that every recipe he can, Emeril trys to plug or use his specialty food products; like his seasonings and BBQ sauces. But quite frankly any of your favorite sauces or seasonings will do (and I never used any of his products and everything still came out very tasty). And in case you were wondering on the pictures for this book… there are quite a few (not as many as I would like) but still a good amount (enough to make me happy)!

This corn was one of those crazy concoctions. Sour cream, milk, lime juice, cheese, and chili powder… who know all that mixed together and slathered on top of some roasted (or grilled) corn would be so good.

This pork loin was one of my favorites from all the recipes I tried from this book. I first cooked it on both sides on the grill to seal in the juices and then finished it off in the oven. It was so tender and juicy and the glaze complemented it so well but did not take way from the natural flavors of the pork.

These spicy burgers are a definite make. They are very simple yet add that extra kick your average burger has been looking for.

These BBQ baked beans had great flavor… but I did have some issues cooking them. (If you want to know about that ordeal click here).

And these brownies… another unlikely use of ingredients… but some how everything comes together.

Even though Emeril is from New Orleans the majority of the recipes found in this book are Mexican or Tex-Mex inspired- which is some of my favorite types of food; so this book is a winner here

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