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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Look Who I Got To Meet...

The Pioneer Woman!!! Ever since Pioneer Woman, or Ree Drummond, announced that she was writing a cookbook I have been super excited and could not wait for it to be published, even though I read her blog every day and have made a few or her recipes (some that I have already blogged about and some that I need to blog about).

Then when she announced that she was going on a book tour and posted on her blog the cities she was touring to I was stoked that Austin made the list (even though I had no doubts that she would be coming here since her sister lives here).

I then just had to wait for her to come and go get the book of course. But if you remember Eric got me her cookbook for my birthday so I was set!
After work Thursday I headed straight over to BookPeople. The event was supposed to start at 7pm but when I got there at around 10 til 6 it was jam packed. I asked where the book signing was but if I had only listed I would have found my way by listening for the sounds of women’s chatter.

To get your book signed you had to get a colored wrist band. They would then call the colors in rainbow order to then go stand in line. By the time I got there they were already passing out green bands! Remember ROY G. BIV (the order of the rainbow) with a green wrist band that meant I had quite a few people in front of me! I started to get really worried because a couple standing near me told me that they had friends who went to her signing in Dallas in which Ree had to sign autographs until 2am because there were so many people!!! I had work the next day so I was worried bout this but for the Pioneer Woman I would wait!

So I waited… along with about 500 (that may be an exaggeration I never heard official stats) other people. There were men, women and children; of all ages. Everyone talked and talked about The Pioneer Woman and her family.

At 7pm (well actually a few minutes late but she is the Pioneer Woman she CAN be late) she did a question and answer session.
She answered questions even though the entire audience knew EVERYTHING about her already. She said to look for new things to come on her blog, that the “Black heels to tractor wheels” story was going to be published into a book with some additional sections and be released hopefully in 2011. We all laughed and cried and sighed and…

…then we waited for our magical color to be called so that we could go stand in line and meet her. Austin was fortunate enough to have her husband, children, sister, and brother-in-law be there too. It was nice to meet them all they really are such sweet, humble people.

Some people even started asking “Marlboro Man” to sign their books. A line started forming just for him. I felt bad… “Quick someone get the man a chair!”
I am embarrassed to admit that while I was waiting “Marlboro Man” was leaning on a table signing autographs when some girls started taking pictures of his rear (the last page in the book is a picture of his rear with the caption ‘the end’ so I guess they were trying to reenact that photo). I had prime view from where I was sitting and even though I was thinking how crazed, it would be to take a pic of his rear I did (I was peer pressured)!!! Now I can’t bring my self to post it!

Some crazed fans started asking her kids for autographs and pictures too! I would say that I am a huge fan but I left her kids alone.

I don’t know what was wrong with my camera skills that night but I did not get very many good pictures. The best pictures I got were when other people took pictures for me.
Her kids watchin their Mama at work:
Marlboro Man takin' my pic! Maybe I will be on PW's blog:
Any who… it was tons of fun! I meet not only THE Pioneer Woman but some other nice people as well. She will be on tour until December 14. I encourage you all to get the book and go (make sure and wear comfortable shoes, take my word for it).

Her book The Pioneer Woman Cooks would make a great Christmas gift. Just like her blog it has step by step photos and directions for every recipe. It also has a large number of photos and stories of her life on an Oklahoma ranch. It would be great for someone who is a beginner or advance cook, a blog reader or not.


  1. This is cool. I'm glad you gother autograph. I think it's neat her family travels with her.

  2. I was there, but I had just worked a 16 hour shift and I was too tired to stay for PW to sign my book. But as I was leaving her lovley sister signed my book. I took pictures too, but none of the

  3. The Butt thing is too funny. However, I think it is a small price to pay for being rich and famous. Poor guy. Just some average rancher man - and this hip city mama walks in to his life and now his butt is on random women's blogs and flash drives.



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