Kitchen Concoctions: A Family Tradition

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Family Tradition

As I mentioned on Saturday I have gone back and forth on doing a cookbook review for this month. I have several reasons, the obvious being since I am so far behind because of my down computer a few weeks ago and with it now being more than half way through the month I just didn't think I had time. Also, the cookbook that I had already picked to review and had already made some recipes from for a baby shower for my sister was not going to happen since my sister has all the pictures of the food and shower on her camera and has since moved, and had a baby and is pretty busy and has not had time to email me the pictures.

I have also been struggling on whether or not I want to keep doing the cookbook of the month review. It is a lot of work and planning and pressure to cook, photograph and write about these recipes and have them posted up here by a certain date (and you all know that obviously I am not perfect and have been late quite a few times). I have also been wanting to feature alot more of my own personal recipes and with blogging about the featured cookbook's recipes 5 plus times a month it takes away from my precious time to blog about my own 'concoctions'.

However even saying all that I cringe. I love doing the cookbook of the month feature. Finding new cookbooks to try, meticulously dissecting them to find the recipes I want to try (if there are not a lot of recipes marked then it is not a good cookbook). And this whole feature started as a way for me to actually use the stacks and stacks of cookbooks I have on my bookshelves. This feature allows me to truly explore my treasured cookbooks and discover new recipes, tips, and flavors that I otherwise might not have tried.

So after debating back and forth I decided I would feature a cookbook this month and just blog about each recipe each day this week (all the recipes that I would have normally blogged about each week of April).

The book I choose to review is one that I have had for quite sometime on my shelf but is still current and up to date but brings back many childhood memories (have I got you confused yet?). I have decided to feature Family Circle All Time Favorite Recipes. This book has over 600 recipes and over 300 pictures (wowie)! Family Circle magazine takes me back to my youth because my mom used too (and still does) have a subscription to the magazine. I remember my mom getting the magazine in the mail and seeing the creatively decorated cakes, or the yummy looking brownies, or some sort of pasta dish on the cover. I remember looking at the picture and wanting to learn how to make whatever tasty treasure graced the cover. Hum, maybe it is Family Circle Magazine who I have to thank for my love of food and cooking and my attempting to test the waters in the kitchen at such a young age!

This Family Circle All Time Favorite Recipes is great! Not only does it have hundreds of recipes and pictures in every category (appetizers, main entrees, side dishes, bread, desserts). Each recipe has the time requirements and nutritional information listed (however no serving amounts are listed). I have a ton of recipes marked to try and have been having an extremely difficult time narrowing them down to just a handful to try right now for this review. But I will say this, so far so good on the recipes that I have tried and will blog about soon!

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