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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Funny Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day to all! Even though I have someone to share this day with, I have always loved Valentine's Day (and pretty much all other holidays that have ever existed) because I love all the decorations, fun food, extra special treats and yes, all the cheesiness! I even had hoped to do a week of Valentine's Day themed recipes and share them all last week but like I mentioned when my week of Super Bowl recipes got foiled, right now my life is WAY to busy!
I hope you enjoyed the Light Strawberry Trifle for Two that I shared this weekend and if you are looking for one more last minute special treat to surprise your loved one or kids with, have I got it for you! This is not  recipe but more of a fun craft to make with food... candy more specifically!
This homemade candy card heart is so easy and fun to put together. And best of all it is cheap (way cheaper than those pricey heart shaped boxes of candy)! This little candy heart will totally be loved by the person you are giving it to because they will get a variety of candy and a cute personal message.
What I did was take a piece of red poster board and fold it in half. Starting at the fold I drew a half heart shape.
Then keeping the poster board folded, I cut out the heart half.
When you unfold the poster board you will have a giant heart.

I then picked up a variety of candies from my local drug store. I focused on candies that were named things that were also 'regular words' (example: Snickers, Pay Day, Extra gum, Smarties).
I then wrote a 'draft' love note incorporating the words/candies I bought, on a piece of scratch paper. Then using a black sharpie I wrote my love note on the heart shaped poster board taping the candies (using double sided tape) in the places the 'special words' went.

Here are some great sayings/sentences you can you that use candies:
  • You are 'extra' special! You always go the 'extra' mile. (Extra gum)
  • I would weather every 'winter' storm, climb every 'sno caped' mountain and travel to the end of the 'milky way' and beyond to be with you! (Winterfresh gum, Sno caps, Milky Way)
  • You are such a 'smartie'! (Smarties)
  • You bring me such 'joy'! You are a 'burst' of 'joy' in my life! (Almond Joy, Starburst)
  • Thank you for loving me even though I am a huge 'nerd'. (Nerds)
  • Thanks for being my 'sugar baby' and bringing home those 100 grand pay days! (Sugar Babies, 100 Grand, Pay Days)
  • I love how we always laugh and 'snicker' at the 'whopper' of predicaments we get into. (Snickers, Whoppers)
  • Love, your Baby (Baby Ruth) (Side Note: If your name really is Ruth then this candy bar is the perfect way to 'sign' your candy card!)
Anyway, you get the point. The possibilities are endless! I made a card like this for Eric our first Valentine's Day together, five years ago, because at the time I was broke. But you know what? He still mentions that candy card all the time, saying it was one of the best gifts he has ever gotten! So of course I had to make him another one! Hope you all have a special day!

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  1. Super cute idea. I love it! Maybe Stephen will get one next year. Or if he's really good, for his birthday.


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