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Friday, November 30, 2012

Website Review: Recipage

Happy Friday Y’all!!!

Before we get too much into the month of December (because I just have way too many fun things planned for this upcoming month) I have to do my quick review of November’s website of the month, Recipage.

So here is all about Recipage:

Pictures: Yes
Every recipe has a photo! However, the quality of the photos does vary due to the fact that they are all from bloggers.

Prep Time, Cooking Time, and Number of Servings listed: Yes, on all recipes
Total time, prep time and number of servings/total quantity are listed on all recipes.

Nutritional Information provided: No
This information is not provided.

Clear, easy to follow directions and ease of preparation: Yes
The recipes on Recipage are comprised of recipes from fellow bloggers. Every recipe I have made and/or seen has clear directions and with recipes for every skill level.

Easily available ingredients and budget friendly: Yes and No
The recipes on Recipage range from all abilities and capabilities, as well as dietary restraints, so the ingredients do vary.

Variety of recipes: All types of recipes!
This site is huge and has over 20,000 recipes. Great resource if you are looking for any type of recipe.

Meal Planning Feature: No
There is not a meal planning feature.

Source of recipes: The recipes on Recipage are from talented bloggers; including Oh She Glows, Iowa Girl Eats, Beantown Baker and Peas and Thank You; just to name a few.

Cost: Free

Special feature: I really like Recipage. It is easy to search and I love that it is recipes from other bloggers. I often use this site when I am looking to feature other blogger recipes whenever I do ‘recipe round-ups’ at the bottom of my informational posts. If you are an “I only read food blogs for the recipes and not the silly stories” then this site is perfect for you! Because after you find a recipe you searched for and click on the recipe it brings you to the bloggers website and to that recipe and to that recipe alone in an easy to read format. If you are the person that wants to read the entire blog post, you then can click on a link to that post within the recipe. These recipes also contain a print, share, email, pin button, etc. One of my only complaints about this site though, is several recipes came up when I was searching for specific ingredients/recipes that showed a picture and a link to the bloggers website but when I clicked on the link the blog no longer existed or the blogger didn’t use Recipage any more so I had to go searching on the blog for the recipe I had seen on the Recipage site. Hopefully this is something they will improve in the future because that is quite frustrating.

In case you missed is, this is what I made:


Disclosure: Again I am not being paid to do these reviews, I just frequent these sites a lot and wanted to feature some recipes I get from these sites and sort of compare the different features these websites have to offer.

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