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Questions or comments about a recipe? Suggestions for the blog? Want to know about something or just rant and rave? I am not afraid- email me (Heather) at kitchenconcoctions at

I will try to respond as quickly as possible and answer all your questions but I may have to do some research if you ask me about rocket science or how to say something in Russian!

For advertising information, food/cooking related product reviews or again for any reason at all contact me at:

kitchenconcoctions at or leave a comment (I heart comments!)


  1. Good news! Foodista is inviting you to attend this year's International Food Blogger Conference in Seattle on August 27-29! There also are sponsorships offered that you can take advantage of! For more information, check this page out.

    Hope to see you there! Keep on blogging. :-)

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  3. I tried the tee shirt but the strips did not curl


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