Kitchen Concoctions: Little ol' Me

Little ol' Me

Ugh what do I even write in this section!?! I mean obviously I have a love of cooking and trying new foods. Obviously I love to write about my trials and errors and of course my successes in the kitchen and any other interesting food facts I learn.

But ok seriously I guess I will tell you a little about me. My name is Heather. I am a Texas Gal- not born, but raised. My earliest cooking memories are from my childhood and involve sugar cookies. For as long as I can remember we have baked sugar cookies for every holiday and spent hours decorating them. Not just for Christmas but also Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, St. Patrick's Day...... you get the point. We made pounds and pounds of butter cream icing (in every color- even black). Bought millions and millions of holiday themed sprinkles. We took our sugar cookie baking very seriously- never missing a holiday (sometimes even making our traditional cookies the day after the holiday).

As I grew older I started making dinner for my family. My family became my "taste testers" whether they liked it or not. There was many a times when my younger siblings would ask the infamous question "What's for dinner?". I would respond "It's a surprise!"; knowing full well how picky of eaters they were. My siblings would go running to my mom upset that dinner was not going to be "something they liked" or to try and see if my mom knew what I was making. My mom would always respond "We are just having one of Heather's Concoctions".

I am still "Concocting" things in the kitchen. But now it is not only my family who is trying it, but my boyfriend (Eric), his family, and our friends. My boyfriend at times will question my recipes or "kitchen adventures". And sometimes he absolutely LOVES the things I make and will rant and rave about it for weeks; and other times he will complain and not eat it at all. And to that I say "You win some you lose some! How do you think we got all of our favorite foods- by someone experimenting and putting different ingredients together."

The reason I started this blog is because I have always dreamt about being a food writer. Either being a food critic, or writing articles about food and it's history, or writing recipe books. Because of this dream I pursued a degree in culinary arts (because of this everyone thinks that means I am officially a 'chef', but I just blush and say that I am still learning). I have worked in the catering/restaurant industry for a number of years (rough job but someone has to do it). And even with my education and work experience I am no food snob. I am not ashamed to admit I am a hoarder when it comes to cookbooks and sometimes I even make things the 'semi-homemade' way using premade sauces, cake mixes, etc. Does this make me un-chefy?

But food fascinates me! I am constantly writing and re-writing recipes. I am constantly trying new foods and I love to try new restaurants. I watch every show (and I mean EVERY) on the Food Network. I am always reading books and magazines on food and restaurants. I am slowly learning this thing called 'food staging' and 'food-ography'... so please don't judge my pics too harshly! And this blogging thing who knows if I will ever fully get it.

But blogging excites me... it allows little, smartalec, ME to be a food writer. I may never be a famous or have my own TV show, but maybe through this Blog I can fulfill some of my writing and cooking dreams; and have fun along the way! So hears to good eats!

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  1. My kids just asked me the other day, "Why do we only make cookie cutter cookies for WINTER holidays?" So we decided to do them for Halloween this year. Black frosting's not so appetizing...


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