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Friday, February 10, 2012

How To: Valentine's Day Candy Cards

It never fails, whenever I have plans to to a theme week something comes up and I can't blog on one of the days of the week. The blog post I am sharing today I had planned to share yesterday but due to technical difficulties it didn't go up. Since I am such a busy gal I usually type up my blog posts on my phone when I am waiting for appointments, etc., which I did yesterday. But I recently got a new phone and easily typed up my post but couldn't figure out how to upload it or copy and paste it or even email it to myself. After my loooong day yesterday I was way too tired to continue to deal with it. So the whole point to my story is that I am a day behind in sharing my Valentine's recipes so be sure and check in tomorrow for the last love fest recipe!

One of my favorite blog post that I have done in the past is my post about a candy card Valentine heart that, if you remember, I shared for last Valentine's Day. I shared with you my candy card heart poster and also shared how this candy heart has become quite the tradition. Every year that Eric and I have been together I have made him a candy heart poster for his Valentine's Day gift, not fancy and expensive but a fun tradition that we both look forward to every year (me because it gets my creative juices going and him because he gets to eat all that candy! Wining!) But I have come to find out not only is this our favorite tradition it is a top favorite blog post (and post that gets the most views according to Google) of you, the Kitchen Concoctions readers!

So I thought for this special Valentine's themed week, I would take that tradition and change it up a bit. Instead of making one big heart shaped poster with candy sayings I created individual candy Valentine cards (perfect for classmates, neighbors, co-workers, etc). I used some of my favorite sayings from the past but also created a few new ones. I even created some printable versions to make it easy for you!

You can either print the cards on cardstock and cut around the heart and then use double sided tape to adhere it directly to the chosen candy.

Or cut out the hearts, with or without the red border and using the double sided tape or use a glue stick and adhere the cards to heart shaped doilies (you can find a pack of 25-30 dollies for about a buck at craft stores and even the dollar store). Then depending on the size of your dollies adhere the candy to the front or back of the dollie card.

And you can even cut out the heart cards and adhere them to colorful cardstock, scrapbook paper, or construction paper and cut them out allowing some of the colored paper to show.

Here is the link to the printable versions. I even created one for all the Valentine haters out there and have a candy card that says "Valentine's Day Sucks!" to use with a lollipop or sucker as the candy of choice.

Here are the candy sayings I have included in the printables (and for more sayings check out last years candy card post):

You "Rock" my world! (Rock Candy, Pop Rocks)
Best Buds "Now and Later"! (Now and Later)
We were "Mint" to be together! (Peppermints, Gum with "Mint" in the name, Mintos, Junior Mints, Breath Mints, Peppermint Patties)
Valentine's Day "Sucks"! (Lollipops or Suckers)
You're "Extra" special! (Extra Gum)
You're one "Hot Tamale"! (Hot Tamales)
You stole a "Piece" of my heart! (Reese's Pieces)
Thanks for being such a "Sweet Heart"! (Sweet Tarts, Conversation Hearts, Heart Shaped Chocolates)


  1. Oh goodness, don't you hate it when days go that way? These are so cute, though. I need to get my act together one of these days so I can do fun things like this for all of my family and friends!

  2. You are always so crafty and creative with everything you do!


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