Kitchen Concoctions: Campfire Parmesan Popcorn

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Campfire Parmesan Popcorn

One of the reasons I love camping so much is the simplicity. Yeah it is a lot of work to pack and prepare and get your tent and campsite set up, but after that it is just relaxing and hanging out. No cell phones, computers, or TV’s to be connected to. No places to be or deadlines to meet.

Just the great outdoors and good company.

I think that a lot of people forget that this is what camping is all about. Yes you need to be prepared and organized (this key to a successful camping trip), but keep things simple and don’t sweat it.

Keeping things simple also applies to camp cooking. Nothing tastes better than a roasted (or grilled) hot dog served simply in a bun topped with nothing but mustard when deep in the heart of a camping trip!

So today’s tip is to remember simple is best when planning your camp menu! Simple like hot dogs, s’mores, and this Parmesan Campfire Popcorn. Nothing fancy about this, just popcorn kernels, a little oil, parmesan cheese, aluminum foil and a good ole’ campfire or grill!

And I know what you are saying, but can’t you just buy one of those campfire popcorn pots to make popcorn in? Yeah you could but why spend extra money or take up precious space in your supply box when some foil will suffice.

Oh and here is camping tip number two of the day, something I learned from my Mom. Throughout the year when you treat yourself to take out, save the extra condiment packets (the little packets of soy sauce, mayo, parmesan cheese, etc.). Usually these are thrown away but due to their size, can easily be stored in a plastic baggie and placed in a cooler or dry food storage box for camping. I love using these for camping because I don’t have to haul around a ton of different condiments in their regular sized containers (when I only need a small amount), which can take up valuable space, and I don’t have to worry about an entire container of something or another going bad, spilling, etc. If you don’t get take out a lot, usually you can purchase these small condiment packets at a warehouse store, in large quantities, so you might want to go in with neighbors or a women’s group (unless you camp A.LOT).

So there you have it! More camping tips and recipes! Oh and if you are wondering, YES you can make this popcorn in the oven (directions below) and NO it does not use butter. I don’t like trying to camp with butter, can get melty and messy, and the parmesan cheese coats the popcorn just fine, for a ‘lighter’ yet salty snack (but never fear my butter loving friends, I did include butter in the at home directions).

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Campfire Parmesan Popcorn
By Heather of Kitchen Concoctions,
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Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 8-10 minutes Serves: 1-2

¼ cup unpopped popcorn kernels
1 tablespoon canola oil
½ tablespoon parmesan cheese
Salt, to taste

Build campfire or heat grill. Tear off a piece of aluminum foil, approximately 18-inches long. Pour the popcorn in the middle of the foil and drizzle with the oil. Fold the short ends of the foil together over the center and seal, allowing room for expansion and circulation. Fold in the open edges, sealing each packet securely.

Using long tongs hold pouch over campfire, or place pouch directly on grill rack over prepared coals.

Wait approximately 3-5 minutes for the corn kernels to start popping. Once the kernels start popping use tongs to gently shake over coals/fire until popping is done, about 2-3 minutes.

Once popped, carefully open pouch, immediately add parmesan cheese and salt to taste. Shake to evenly coat popcorn with seasoning. Serve immediately.

Note: To make this in the oven, prepare as directed above and place foil packet on baking sheet in preheated 450 degree oven. Carefully monitor cooking, listening for the kernels to start popping. Once beginning to pop, carefully open oven door and use tongs to shake foil packet. After popping remove foil packet from oven and continue with recipe as directed. At home, add 1 tablespoon melted butter to popcorn before adding parmesan cheese and salt.

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